Lexington police looking for scammers targeting the elderly

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Police in several Kentucky communities are looking for three men whom they say are scamming elderly homeowners. Lexington Police Investigators say the three pose as contractors and solicit door to door.

"Getting reports that the individuals wanted to fix their roofs, clean their gutters, sometimes even put gutter guards on their gutters," explained Detective Gene Haynes with the Lexington Police Department. He says he started getting calls about the scammers in October of 2012.

Haynes says Jason Fee, Jonathan Forbes Junior and Walter Abner Junior mostly target the elderly. Investigators say the three ride in a white 1996 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck with a ladder in the back. Officers say sometimes they do a little work, but mostly, they take the money they're paid up front and run.

"What the victims reported is sometimes the work isn't completed, or sometimes they wouldn't even start and the victims had paid half the money up front for labor and materials. On some of these cases, the victims reported contractors on the roof repairing what they thought were shingles. What they were really doing was banging on the roof with a hammer."

Police say even worse than scamming, Fee, Forbes and Abney have stolen cash and checkbooks from some of the people they were allegedly working for. They can be seen in bank surveillance video obtained by police in their Dodge pickup, cashing one of those stolen checks. Now police have a warning for anyone looking for a contractor.

"Only use a reputable contractor; one you find in the phone book. Don't use someone who goes door to door."

Haynes is working with officers in Versailles and Georgetown following reports of the trio there.

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