Lexington police prepare for Sunday's game

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Lexington Police dealt with their fair share of rowdy fans on Friday and now they're preparing plans on how to handle fans during Sunday's game.

Large crowds, burning couches and ecstatic fans may not seem like the tamest way to celebrate a win but for the Big Blue Nation, it's nothing new.

So on Friday night, Lexington Police already had plans in place to prevent scenes like those we saw after the 2012 National Championship.

“We are reminding people that when they are celebrating just do it safely and responsibly. Friday night, the vast majority of people did exactly that so we didn’t have some of the issues that we did back in 2012,” said Commander Ken Armstrong with the Lexington Police Department.

On Friday night, police say fans didn't cause any significant property damage, serious injuries and only two people were arrested, which is practically night and day from what police dealt with two years ago.

“It was much more based on celebration than criminal activity. I’m actually pretty proud of most of the people that were down there, they came and celebrated.”

After a long night of celebrating came an equally day of cleaning up the mess left behind and preparing for the crowds and commotion that will come Sunday during the third round of the tournament.

“As the Cats continue on, we are going to implement various aspects of that plan again.”

As we move forward with the Elite 8 game, police are asking fans to remind themselves of one thing while celebrating, “UK is an 8 time National Championship winner so we ought to act like it.”

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