Lexington police say robber struck two locations in a matter of minutes

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Just before 8 p.m. on Friday, police got a call that someone robbed a Family Dollar on New Circle Road.

"(The) Clerks told us an individual came in, in a hoodie, partially disguising their face and handed them a note demanding cash, implying the use of a weapon," described Lt. Clay Combs of the Lexington Police Department.

A surveillance image shows the suspect standing at the register, but very little of his face can be seen, proving just how careful the suspect was. It also, left police scrambling to find their suspect.

"Anytime anyone comes in and they start threatening the use of a firearm, or any type of weapon, that's going to concern us. We consider that a threat," stated Lt. Combs.

Just seven minutes later, police say they got a call to the King of Food Chinese restaurant on North Broadway, where the clerk there said a man, matching the same description, slipped him a note to rob the place.

"To hit just a few blocks away with that many police in the area, I'd definitely say that's unusual and something you don't see very often," answered Lt. Combs.

No one was hurt in either attempt and that's a very good thing, but police say it may also be a good thing that the suspect hit two places so close, and so near to each other.

"It's gives us a little more to go on, as far as, we've got a consistent description."

Investigators say the man was seen leaving both locations in a blue Dodge Durango, or a similar style vehicle.

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