Pregnant Lexington inmate escapes again 'wearing only a towel'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Ashely Marler, 31, is 4 months pregnant and apparently determined to escape from custody. According to the Department of Public Safety, Marler was taken to the Polk-Dalton Medical Center for a doctor's visit Monday afternoon.

During her visit at the clinic, it's reported that the inmate managed to get away by climbing up into the ceiling. She's said to have gotten away leaving her clothes behind and wearing only a towel and a white t-shirt.

Marler hasn't been found since. This escape comes exactly one week after another attempt.

According to court records, Marler was given a medical pass to visit the same doctor at the same clinic, last Monday the 16th. She was supposed to be at noon and return to the detention center no more than 30 minutes after the appointment ended, according to the court order. If not a warrant would be out for her arrest.

She didn't return. Marler was arrested the next day and charged with escape. She was set to be arraigned for that escape on Tuesday morning the 24th. Only now it seems she might not make it.

While the search is still on for Marler, the Department of Community Corrections is investigating just how she was able to get away. Marler is charged with two counts of receiving stolen property and two counts of second degree escape, and police say she is not considered to be dangerous.

The clinic declined to comment.

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