Police looking for man after they say he nearly hit officers with car

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington Police tell us they just wanted to talk to a man as a part of an ongoing homicide investigation. However, they say a man sped off instead, and nearly hit some police officers as he got away.

It happened on Lima Drive Wednesday afternoon. Two Lexington Police detectives were looking for a man who they believe has information about an ongoing case. They saw him in a red Jeep, went up to talk to him, and for a reason, they say he fled, narrowly missing one of the officers. Those detectives were able to get out of the way, but their vehicle wasn't. It took a hit hard enough to knock it out of park. One of the detectives said it was within inches of striking her as he fled out and struck the car.

An alert was put out for 23-year old Malcolm Williams. Lexington Police haven't found him, but they did locate his Jeep soon after he ran. It's been towed and being processed for evidence.

Police aren't commenting on the case they believe he may have information on, but they do say prior to this morning, Williams wasn't facing any charges.

"They just needed his information as a witness to this other crime, so at this point we don't know what caused him to flee," said Lt. Chris Van Brackel.

In addition to the two counts of wanton endangerment, Williams is also charged with fleeing and evading.