Lexington police searching for shooting suspect

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One Lexington neighborhood is on alert after a man fired several shots near their homes Saturday afternoon.

It happened just after 4:00 Saturday on Gay Place, on the east end of Lexington.

At this point police are still searching the area for the gunman who they say drove off shortly after the shooting.

Lt. Sam Murdock with the Lexington Police says, "This appears to be an isolated incident."

That incident caused some tense moments for folks living in a residential neighborhood.

Lt. Murdock says, "Shortly after 4:00 this (Saturday) afternoon we received four to five shots fired here in the 600 block of Gay Place."

Once officers arrived they quickly learned the gunman had already taken off.

Thankfully neighbors were able to point them in the right direction and give a good description of the alleged shooter who they say drove away in a white car.

"Described as a male black, bald, with a beard and wearing a blue sweat suit."

After interviewing several witnesses, police were able to track the suspect and his car to Sixth Street but they say at that point he got away.

"A foot pursuit was initiated and officers lost sight of the suspect in that area."

Officers canvassed the area but due to the heavy amount of foot traffic, they weren't able to find any clues leading them to the culprit but there were still clues at the scene of the shooting.

Lt. Murdock says, "We recovered several casings of large caliber handgun on gay place and it appears that one vehicle has been shot by a bullet."

Police are still trying to figure out why the gunman fired shots to begin with and who or what his intended target actually was.

Lexington Police are still trying to determine if the shooter knew the owner of the car that was shot.

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