Lexington raises fine for parking in wheelchair accessible space

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Expect to pay more if you park illegally in Lexington. The Urban County Council approved an ordinance this week. The fine jumps from $15 to $250 for parking in a wheelchair accessible spot.

Marylee Underwood with the Commonwealth Council on Developmental Disabilities knows what it's like searching for accessible parking. Her son uses a wheelchair.

"One of our favorite places to go with my son who is eight is to the park where they have several wheelchair accessible spots, but they don't have the appropriate signage," notes Underwood.

If you park illegally in Lexington you'll now pay $250 - far more than the $15 it used to cost.

"For most people who use accessible parking, it's not a convenience. It's a necessity. You can see with my can here that we have to have this space to get out or we can't get my son out of the car."

City leaders say grant money will be available for business owners looking to increase their own signs and visibility.

"Maybe you will or won't get caught, but you're depriving someone else of the opportunity to be part of your community when you do."

The fine will be enforced in 60 days.

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