Lexington rapper hopes to help stop violence

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - In a second-story studio, a Lexington-based hip-hop artist is doing what he can, to help Lexington reverse course. Devine Carama tries to give his music a positive spin, but that hasn't insulated him from the violence. He's seen friends get killed over the last couple of years.

"When it's people that you know and that you grew up with that you made music with that you knew when he was a kid at his home a little bit more and let you know that nobody's exempt," Carama said.

Now, he's organizing an essay contest for middle school students throughout Lexington. The topic is "How I can help stop violence in my community?". He's gotten quite a few entries.

"Our children needs this for a brighter future. We need to bring groups together to talk about violence and weapons, including firearms. Discussing and solving problems can be very, very helpful," read one essay.

"Us as kids should have dreams instead of nightmares and pain and hurt by living and violence I mean that's powerful this is coming from kids," read another.

The two winners will get $250 worth of gift cards for back-to-school items. A lot of people have been trying to brainstorm ways to put a stop to the shootings. Carama thinks this just might work.

"The kids are going to influence kids more than any adult can. We need kids leaders and that's with the essay contest is about," he said. "If you can just reach one and then they might reach to worth three and then those two or three might reach five or 10 and then that's how you start seeing change happen,"

Carama will announce the winners July 27 at Poetry in Motion Youth.

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