Lexington road crews ready for another round of winter

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Most of Lexington's streets are clear but that isn't expected to be the case later this weekend which has road crews gearing up once more.

"We have had winters with more snow and ice but I'll take the snow over the ice any day," said Rob Allen with the Lexington Streets and Roads Department.

But it looks like we'll be getting both snow and ice this weekend and maybe even some rain before that, which poses problems for road crews.

"Rain and then ice worry us because it keeps us from pre-treating the roads. If we put salt out we'd just be wasting it because it would get washed off," Allen told WKYT on Friday. He says they'll begin laying salt once the rain changes over to sleet or snow.

The city is still stocked up on salt despite the harsh winter we've had. As of Friday, Lexington had 3,800 tons of salt on hand with an additional 1,300 to be delivered.

Thankfully though, the city still has around $60,000 left for this year's salt budget.

"We haven't had to dip into the rainy day fund yet but if this keeps continuing for several more weeks then who knows."

The salt barn is full and the snow plows are ready but at this point, road crews say they're ready for something else - "We are ready for spring, for Keeneland, you name it."

The entire night crew at the road department will report to work Sunday evening.

Officials with the city of Lexington say they've spent nearly $900,000 on salt this year.

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