Lexington roads pretreated and ready for snow

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With the wintry weather moving in for the Friday morning commute, road crews are taking steps now to protect drivers.

Cold temperatures are already here.

"Pavement temperatures are probably below freezing," said Sam Williams, the director of Streets and Roads in Lexington.

And snow is on the way. It'll only be a couple inches, but with these below freezing temps, it's enough to make Lexington roads dangerous if not treated and more importantly pretreated.

"We have some folks who come in at midnight and then we'll have a pretty good contention coming in at about four in the morning," said Williams.

But Williams says pretreating was a little different this time around.

"The pavements are cold, below freezing actually, and that's the reason that we want to pretreat because if moisture does get on the pavement, with it below freezing, it will freeze immediately," said Williams.

Salt brine lines the roads now.

"It breaks that bond between the pavement and the snow and/or ice and allows the plows to remove it easier," said Williams.

But until it's closer to when we are expecting snow to fall, crews will be on standby throughout Friday morning.

Many school districts will be keeping students home Friday because of the weather. You can see a full list of closings with SnoGo.

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