Lexington runners ready for second run in Boston Marathon

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They're not letting terror slow them down. Monday, runners will gather for the annual Boston Marathon.

Last year, a terror attack near the finish line killed three people and injured hundreds during the race. Two runners from Central Kentucky who competed in last year's marathon tell us they're glad to be going back.

Each participant in this year's Boston Marathon is running for a reason.

"To do it for the people that were injured, people that were killed. And those that don't get a chance to go back," explained Lexington runner Fred Jackson. Last year, Jackson was half a mile from the finish line when the bombs exploded.

"People that train for that race do it for months on end to prepare for it. And to not be able to fulfill that wish is something that I think it is personal."

Runners like Jackson and UK professor Frank Romanelli do take the terrorist acts personally.

"Boston is like the Vatican for Catholics or Rupp Arena for Kentucky fans. For runners, Boston is our sort of Holy Grail," noted Romanelli, "I think there's a little bit of nervous anxiety. I think people have waited a year to sort of, the city has and people to sort of show they wouldn't be set back."

Romanelli is already in Boston preparing for Monday's marathon. Jackson and his wife will travel there Sunday.

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