Lexington shooting investigations progressing

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The assistant police chief and leader of the Bureau of Investigations with Lexington Police stopped by our studios earlier to talk about the recent spike in crime here in the city, and how close the department is it issuing more arrest warrants in some of the cases they've been working.

Just yesterday, police announced they had obtained warrants in connection to this crime, a shooting from earlier this week in front of a Georgetown Street business.
Police say Charles Taylor will be charged with first-degree assault and Lamarius Gates with complicity to assault.

As for the other unsolved cases police are looking into, officials say they're making progress.

"I think following the investigations, they take time to put together, we'll be coming to closure on those other investigations quickly," said Lexington Assistant Police Chief Mark Barnard.

Barnard didn't say which cases as to not jeopardize the investigation.
But he did say the progress they have made is in part due to the manpower they've committed to solving these crimes, thanks to strategic overtime hours approved by the city.

"That allows us to take resources from other areas of the department on overtime basis, and place those into investigations," said Barnard.

Barnard says another contributing factor to the progress of the investigations is the amount of information that's been coming in on each case from the public.

"The thing about these investigations are there constantly moving. We're not stalled on any one of the investigations we have going. We're receiving information every day, and were evaluating that and were collecting physical evidence, and more information. The more information we get from the community, that says I know this from the past, everything is important to us and connected somewhere," Barnard said.

You can catch Assistant Chief Barnard on this weekend's edition of Kentucky Newsmakers.

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