Lexington shopping center robbed twice in three days

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For the second time this week, Lexington Police were called to a shopping center near the intersection of Clays Mill Road and Keithshire Way for a robbery. Police say someone went inside the Parent-Teacher Store and demanded cash from a clerk.

Regular customers at the shopping center were unnerved by two armed robberies in three days.

"It's just scary, it really is, the times that we live in right now," said Joyce Craig as she waited for the store to reopen.

Police said a man came into the store around 1:00 Tuesday afternoon, pretended to be a customer, then pointed a gun at the clerk and demanded cash. They say that robber got away on foot toward apartments in the area.

Police brought in a search dog to help find the robber, but so far haven't made any arrests. This comes just two days after someone went into the nearby Southern Rays Tanning Salon with a gun and demanded cash.

"Very strange. I had never heard of any robberies in this particular shopping center before, but that doesn't mean it can't happen," said Craig.

While police hunt the person or people behind these robberies, customers say they'll be concerned.

"I think that the day and time that we live in, sometimes you just don't know anymore when you're out and about, whether it's your car or a store you go to on a regular basis, or anywhere," said Craig.

Police said they were looking for a white man with some facial hair wearing a black zip-up jacket and a gray knit cap. That description, they said, is similar to the person who robbed the Southern Rays Tanning Salon on Sunday, but they can't be sure whether or not it's the same person.

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