Lexington teenager has face slashed during mall attack

She says two people attacked her in the middle of a busy mall. A Lexington woman is now recovering after her face was slashed on Tuesday.

Two days after 18-year-old Nicole Kyaw was attacked near the store where she works in the Fayette Mall she spoke to us about the incident.

"She cut my face, like a "X" mark kind of," she said.

Kyaw says she recognized one of her attackers. They had an ex-boyfriend in common and she says the woman had sent her threatening messages on facebook.

"She used to try to text me, but I never responded back to her, I always ignored her, I even blocked her on Facebook," Kyaw said.

The attack happened around 5 PM as she was walking to work. Kyaw says the woman she knew approached her and another woman grabbed her from behind.

"She literally looked me dead in my eyes and smiled at me before she did this to me. Next thing you know, like, I was on the ground," she said.

Kyaw says even though the attack happened in the middle of the day, in the middle of the mall, no one came to her defense.

"I literally got up on my own and ran to my job, no one helped me with anything."

Once she found her manager she realized how bad her injuries were. She had multiple cuts to her face and bruising from where she was beaten. She says a witness told her the women had been waiting there for hours.

"I don't feel safe knowing that she's still out there," she said.

As she waits for police to do their part, she hopes her attacker knows how much this has impacted everyone involved.

"It's just a scar on my face, but it's going to ruin her life," she said.

Lexington Police say they are still talking to witnesses but if they do find the people responsible they'll be charged with second degree assault.

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