Lexington teenager needs new kidney

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) He’s battled kidney problems all his life, and even had a kidney transplant once before, but the family of a Lexington teenager says he needs another transplant to save his life.

This weekend, a fundraiser is being held in his honor to help raise money for medical expenses.

WKYT’s Jordan Vilines has the story:

Pull up a chair next to 16-year-old Braxton Upthegrove and you'll quickly learn a lot about the Henry Clay Sophomore.

You’ll learn how, in some ways, he's just like other teenagers. “Some days we stay after school for basketball practice and learn the plays,” Braxton told us.

You’ll also learn many ways he’s not like other teens. “I’m responsible for taking my medicine and getting myself hooked up at night.”

Since Braxton was born, keeping him healthy has been an uphill battle.

“At age four, he went into complete kidney failure and had his first transplant at six. He’s 16 now and two years ago that kidney failed due to illness,” said Braxton’s mother, Michelle Upthegrove.

Even though Braxton’s name is now on a list in three regions, time is ticking but the family is still holding out hope.

“We are going to reach somebody at some point and it’s going to be through the things like we are doing this Sunday and its going to happen.”

This Sunday at Austin City Saloon, folks who Braxton’s family has never even met will host a fundraiser for Braxton.

“I just like the people who are helping me out and trying to find me an organ donor.”

“This event coming up is through total strangers, we have never met them. They put it into place and they are handling everything just because they heard his story,” Michelle Upthegrove says.

And hopefully, this 16-year-old's story about perseverance and perspective will inspire others--- others who may even be able to save Braxton’s life.

Braxton’s fundraiser will be held this Sunday, November 10th, at 1:00 at Austin City Saloon in Lexington.

The event was organized by Tony Moore and will feature musicians from Kentucky and Ohio. Donated items will also be auctioned off.

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