Lexington woman comes home to find her apartment burglarized

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington woman came home Sunday night, only to find that her apartment had been burglarized and some of her belongings missing.

Lexington police said a woman living on Catalpa Road, off Fontaine Road, came home to find that some jewelry and medicine had been stolen. She told police when she left her apartment, the doors were locked, the lights were on and her two dogs were loose inside. When she came home, she says the back door was open, the lights were off and the two dogs were locked in their kennel. One of the dogs had blood on it. Police think the dog might have bitten the intruder.

The woman said that since she's lived on Catalpa Road, her car has been broken into twice. The most recent time, she said her house keys were stolen. Police confirmed there have been many reports of car break-ins in that area recently. Neighbors tell WKYT they're paying extra attention to security because of it.

"I now see to it that my house is locked, front and back, all the time," says Ted Fiedling. "It is unpleasant. One used to feel one didn't have to take precautions, but that time has, at least for now, has gone,"

Police tell WKYT they aren't sure if the car break-in and the burglary are related, but they say it appeared there was no forced entry to the apartment.

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