Lexington woman's need for comfort and style leads to invention

Women business owners are a growing trend.

A study conducted in 2012 found eight million women in this country are running their own business, generating 'billions' of dollars.

Many of those women are C-E-O-s in high heels, but for one Lexington woman the need for comfort led her to create a business of her own that now has her walking in style.

High heels, to most women they are the perfect accessory to any outfit, but what can often look good to the eye can quickly become a pain to the feet.

Its something Melissa Mulholland has spent a lot of time thinking about, especially while pregnant and still wanting to be stylish.

"I was afraid to go out in a high heel because I didn't want to be stuck some place and walk home bare foot or even in flip flops. I still wanted to look cute, just didn't want to go flat," said Mulholland.

As an art teacher Mulholland knew a thing or two about design, and one day in an unlikely place, she sketched out her design for a new pair of shoes.

That unlikely place was church, but it was a place an idea was born and one Mulholland knew she had to act on.

That idea was for a comfortable shoe, with a twist.

The shoe would be one that could go from a high heel to a flat in a snap.

Her first prototype was a wedge that she bought and then cut apart to learn about its design and what she could change.

Before Mulholland knew it, a shoe company was born.

The company is named McCauley for Mulholland's daughter.

So, how did Mulholland go from an art teacher to entrepreneur?

"By using the internet and Googling, I've used so many local lawyers, industrial designers, just people I know."

Mulholland got a patent, went to China for production and this January began selling her brainchild.

The current shoe collection includes 18 different shoes, all of them are interchangeable.

The shoes are meant to stop you in your tracks, bold colors are a must, including a UK blue shoe.

At McCauley Shoes it's a family affair with Mulholland's mom and sister helping run the business, but also serving as daily product testers!

The shoes are touted for being a quick switch, going from high wedge to a mid flat just by taking them apart.

It's been said you shouldn't judge someone until you've walked a mile in their shoes, but in this case Melissa Mulholland wants you to walk a mile in hers!

"Nobody wants to wear flip flops at the end of a wedding, so its been really fun to see people come in and get excited about mixing and matching and filling a need for comfort."

Mulholland says next on her radar is designing shoes for children.

She told me it was about $750 for a provisional patent, a pretty good investment for what has now become a booming business with shoes being sold in several states.

To find out more about the company and where you can find the shoes click on the link below.

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