Lexingtonians beat the heat

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Some people are seeing rising temperatures. Others are seeing rising profits. A group of children at the corner of Jefferson Street and Third Street is looking to use the weather to their advantage.

The lemonade stand has some serious managerial power behind it.

"I've actually been the sales manager for a while. Friday we actually had a yard sale," said 8-year-old Josh.

Since then, Josh and his friends have been selling lemonade so they can have money to go out.

"It helps us go to the Bluegrass Fair, so it's a win-win," he said.

Not far away, another group's been working hard in the heat, although their work is a little more heavy-duty.

"It's dusty, it's hot, sticks to your skin," said David Wendling.

The crew is working on a sewer line. It's rough work in this weather, but they're staying safe.

"It's hot but our company supplies us water and they encourage us to take breaks and get in the shade," said Wendling.

Back at the lemonade stand, manager Josh has some suggestions for running a successful summer business.

"A few tips-have one to deliver, one to advertise, and one to run the station, make sure nothing gets wrong," he said.

While some people are making money out in these temperatures, others are out just because they feel like it. They say the threat of triple-digit heat indices won't stop them from having fun

"Man, we're out here playing some disc golf trying to beat the heat," said Chad Plumback as he teed off.

There were 3 or 4 pairs playing disc golf at Shilito Park. They say its all for love of the game.

"Yeah man, playing through the full eighteen. Actually, I already played nine already this morning too," said Plumback.

We just love to get out. I know it's a little hot today, but when you're dedicated to a sport, you just play on through man.

Nearby in the park, a father-son pair were squaring off on the tennis court.

"They just love playing tennis and dragged me out to the court," said John Tachibana.

Tachibana doesn't play a whole lot of tennis, especially on days like this.

"Oh...it is hot. You have to be out here to feel it," he said.

But, anything to make his kids happy on his day off. This game wouldn't last forever, though.

"We're to the last bottle, so when that's gone, we're gone," he said pointing at their cooler surrounded by empty water bottles.

They had played for about three hours.

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