Lexington's Community Action Council asking for help amid warm temperatures

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - With Summer upon us, Lexington's Community Action Council is asking for your help.

As temperatures creep into the 90's this week, most of us will be cranking up the air conditioner. That is, if you have one. The Summer Cooling Program is getting underway. It gives air conditioning units to people who can't afford them. The organization needs donations to make the program a success.

One of those people includes Mary Ann Garrett. She's well aware the temperatures are rising, but her central air is broken.

"All it does is blow hot air," Garrett says.

Her thermostat reads off the charts, going beyond 90 degrees.

"It went past up here, which I don't know what that would be because there's no numbers or notches up there," she continues.

To make matters worse, Garrett has a daughter with heart issues. She can't take the heat.

"We looked at AC units and $100 to $200. I can't afford that," Garrett says.

She called the Community Action Council, and got help immediately with a window unit that keeps her living room cool.

"If we didn't have A.C., I wouldn't know what I would have done...probably would have stayed with someone until it cools down," Garrett continues.

Community Action Council officials say they've served more than 100 people last year. That number is expected to rise.

The Community Action Council has received a large donation of air conditioning units from UK, but the organization still needs monetary donations. If you'd like to help, there's a link attached to the right of this article.

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