Lextran offers free rides on 'Dump the Pump' day

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Lexington, KY- There is such thing as a free ride Thursday.
Lextran is offering services for free as a part of 'Dump the Pump' day.
One by one, riders filed out of buses today in downtown Lexington.
Some are trying it out as way of judging the potential benefits of public transit, but many are regular riders.
"I come from a city where you could get a 30-day pass for $80 and here it's only $30,” said Patrick Thomas, who’s one of those riders. “That's a pretty good bargain, especially with gas prices the way they are."

Jill Barnett, with Lextran, also says there’s an environmental benefit in terms of reducing your carbon footprint.
"We do have people who get more and more excited about it every year,” said Jill Barnett, with Lextran. “We try and get them to give it a shot."
As a part of the day's events, Lextran is asking riders to take selfies on buses that will be entered into a contest that runs until midnight.

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