Lightning strikes Georgetown church, parishioner discovers fire

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - "I was making my rounds over at the athletic complex, which is adjacent to the property here," says Scott Schwarberg, a member of Georgetown Church of the Nazarene. "I heard an extremely loud 'boom.'"

Scott Schwarberg is an overnight security guard at Georgetown College. He was making his rounds when the lightning he heard left him feeling uneasy.

"You know, it started me quite a bit," Schwarberg says. "I did look around to see if I could see exactly where it was at because I knew it was extremely close to where I was at."

Bypassing a tower about a hundred yards away, the lightning struck the church's steeple.

"As soon as I hung up with 911 I could hear the sirens coming up the road," says Schwarberg. "Then I started calling the pastor's at the church and had them come out here."

"Blew out the steeple, hit into the roof and took out a lot of the roofing. Some char and burn, a lot of water damage," describes Pastor Mike Justice, Georgetown Church of the Nazarene.

Inside, the sanctuary suffered some water damage to its pews and carpet. The lightning also zapped the church's fire alarms.

Schwarberg says, "God did place me at the right time at the right place. Everything happens for a reason and I was there for that reason."

Pastor Justice says services will be held in the gym while repairs are made to the sanctuary.

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