Lightning in Nicholasville hits buildings, radio tower at fire station

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - A thunderstorm passing through Nicholasville this Thursday afternoon packed a lot of lightning and caused some issues in the city.

Officials say lightning hit at least seven buildings, including one close to home.

Fire officials were out responding to six of the structures hit when the radio tower at their station was struck.

They say some repairs are needed, but they are still more than able to serve the city.

Kevin Baker is the Deputy Chief for the Nicholasville Fire Department. He says, "Within the city we had some transformers down, which have been repaired, and numerous lights out and things like that. Here at the station it'll have to be something we just have to fix, but we do have backup power and everything will be going. We're still able to provide the services necessary."

Baker reassures WKYT that the fire department still has several ways to stay in contact with dispatch.

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