Lincoln Co. family searching for lost therapy dog

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lincoln County family needs your help finding a child's missing therapy dog. They say the dog disappeared outside their home Saturday, and neighbors noticed him getting into a strange car. The family says their child suffers from medical issues, and the dog is an important part of treatment.

For Breah Sebastian, daughter Morgan and dog Chigger are inseparable.

"She can't get out like a normal child can," explains Sebastian, "she will just sit and her whole manner will calm. And you can tell its therapeutic to her because she's just sitting there rubbing on him."

Morgan suffers from a rare genetic disorder, Emanuel Syndrome, and Chigger is her therapy dog.

"He was so good with her. He laid on us every day, and he'd jump up in our laps with her and she would just sit there and pet him," Sebastian says.

Saturday, Chigger scooted through the unlocked front door.

"And I hollered for him, and he didn't come. And he always comes to me. He's a very trained dog."

Sebastian says a neighbor saw Chigger jump into someone's car just two mailboxes down from his home. They're hoping whoever was driving that car returns Chigger.

"I'm just optimistic that they're thinking in his best interest and want to bring him home, says Sebastian, "from what I've learned in life with her, you've got to stay positive and optimistic."

The Sebastians are putting up fliers, and offering a reward.

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