Lincoln Co. mom to file complaint, daughters wait nearly hour for transport

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - She's not mad that her daughters were treated at UK Hospital. She's not even upset with the initial assessment that they needed the special care. Instead what has Sally Pittman, a Lincoln County mother, upset is that her two daughters had to wait nearly an hour to be taken somewhere for treatment!

Now, she's looking to file a formal complaint with the Kentucky Board of Emergency Medical Services.

"You want to get the patient, if you think they're severely injured, to the highest level of care and in the best, shortest amount of time you can whether that be ground, air, or whatever mode of transportation. So, that's your ultimate goal," said mike Poynter, the Executive Director of KBEMS.

However, Poynter is careful to say he's not second guessing paramedic Troy Cain's decision.Though he does say in an interview that time is important.

"As a paramedic myself, we were always taught to keep moving. You don't want to wait a long time if you've got a seriously injured person," said Poynter, who served 30 years as a paramedic, and 20 years as a flight paramedic on helicopters.

On Monday afternoon, 3-year-old Hannah and 4-year-old Vanessa waited nearly an hour or longer to be flown from Lincoln County to Lexington, that's according to the call logs.

"I believe Hustonville is 47 miles from the Lexington area, the question I'd be asking myself is can I drive there? Should I go to the nearest hospital and stabilize them and let the ER evaluate them and then transport by air? You've got two or three valid scenarios you could go through there," stated Poynter.

That's the point that Pittman is wanting to make in her complaint. Why wait so long if her daughters truly need the highest level of treatment?

As it turned out, both girls were not seriously injured. The youngest daughter was treated and released, while the oldest daughter was given four stitches to the forehead and one in her back.

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