Lincoln Co. police looking for thief posing as stranded driver

KING MOUNTAIN, Ky (WKYT) - It’s the kind of place where neighbors say most are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

“I mean the Christian in you wants you to open the door. To give somebody some money. But I knew better, I thought this is not good,” said the Kings Mountain, Ky. woman in detailing her experience Monday night in which a man knocked on her back door.

Instincts told the woman who didn’t want to be identified to not answer her back door when a man came asking for gas money.

Moments later she learned a neighbor had a very similar experience..yet that woman answered her door and there, police say the man threw the woman to the floor, and took off with her money and other possessions.

“It makes me angry that these low lifes that don’t have enough gumption to go out and get a job..and will come and prey on senior citizens,” the woman told WKYT.

The Lincoln County sheriff’s office is investigating. Police say in both cases the description of the subject is similar.

Police say both victims said the man wore a navy blue sweatshirt with hoodie, and drove an older model dark brown Chevrolet with loud pipes. The crime has the community on edge.

“And everyone in this community is mad. We’re mad that these people, some may live in this community..we want them to know we are mad.”

Police say they did find a knife on the sidewalk of the woman the subject pushed down, but they’re not sure if it was his weapon.

“These people, they’re crooks. You know. They’re trying to get money from us and hurt us.”

Police say they are also looking at a possible case of a third homeowner that was targeted.

Lincoln Co. Sheriff Curt Folger also said the subject spoke in a Spanish sounding accent and had a thin mustache.

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