Lincoln County town showing support for Newtown, Connecticut

STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - Stanford is 820 miles from Newtown, yet people in this small Kentucky town say they feel a connection to the Connecticut community.

"We may not understand first hand the hurt they are going through but as a parent and grandparent, I can't imagine that happening to one of my children, " said Jayme Phillips of Stanford.

So Stanford city leaders decided to prepare a banner that will be mailed to Newtown. People are encouraged to stop by the city garage on Main St. and sign it...and possibly leave a message of hope.

"When you think of the tragedy and the magnitude, it effects everyone, it has," said Stanford Mayor Bill Miracle.

The banner will be set up through January 2nd.

Each shooting victim's name and age are on the banner. People of all ages stopped by to sign it Friday.

"We hope they realize they are not alone, the nation and world hurts with them," said Phillips.

"People should feel welcome to stop by, there will be a bag of markers, we'll send it to Newtown after the Holidays," said Miracle.

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