Lincoln board to decide what's next after large school fire

LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - STANFORD, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s just one building in the Lincoln County school system but what happens at Central Office, has a big impact on nearly every other facility.

“Technology was the part that burned…completely destroyed, technology services to our schools therefore interrupted,” said Superintendent Karen Hatter.

School officials decided to delay the start of the school year when fire destroyed part of the central office along with the pre school and head start classrooms Wednesday. It’s not known when the first day will be.

The fire required a massive effort involving ten fire departments, 95 firefighters, more than a million gallons of water…and what people are calling a tremendous community response.

"Durham’s Grocery, Wal-mart, Domino’s, McDonald’s to name a few..brought food and water. We were overwhelmed,” said Stanford Fire Chief Scott Maples.

The fire has impacted a lot more than just the educational community, as a boil water advisory remains in effect for Stanford and McKinney. That’s because the process of trying to put out the fire put a tremendous strain on the local water system.

Some restaurants closed early as a result, but most would agree the loss has brought already close-nit community closer together.

“One of the bright spots in this has been our community response. We’ve had so many call with places we could work from,” said Hatter.

Not only is the big question when school will start back..but where some of those services will be based.

The fire is under investigation by the Kentucky Fire Marshal and State Police, but officials say they believe it was accidental in nature. An exact cause won’t be determined until at least Friday, officials say.

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