Litter of puppies rescued from burning home

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Four people wake up to find their home on fire. They all managed to get out of the home on Griffin Dr. in Jessamine County, but had to wait on the fire department to save their dog and her eight puppies.

Investigators determined the fire was electrical--either igniting from a TV or cable box in an upstairs room.

"I looked out the bathroom window, and I saw smoke coming out of their window, and I realized the neighbors' home was on fire," says Jennifer Shanks, a neighbor.

Four adults were in the home. They all made it out okay, but one woman was treated for smoke inhalation.

Firefighters say the puppies were hiding under a bed in a back room of the home. They used a ladder to rescue all eight through a second story window. Firefighters then made a tent and gave the dogs oxygen.

"They had them in there for about 45 minutes to and hour. They made sure they were okay," says Shanks.

She says the he home owners have been fixing up the house for some time now, making it difficult to see the destruction.

"I know he's worked on the home for a while. I am just happy everyone was safe and will live to see another day," Shanks says.

Fire damage was contained to the upstairs room and the walls, but firefighters say other areas of the home also have smoke damage.

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