Local BBB officials say buyer beware on Cyber Monday

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- Folks with the Amazon fulfillment center in Lexington won't talk about their numbers this year, but national Amazon reps say Cyber Monday was their biggest shopping day last year, with customers ordering 17.7 million items world wide.

"We feel good about the season - we feel this is going to be our best holiday season to date," Craig Berman, an Amazon spokesperson, explained. "We have grown every year and we see no reason to believe that we won't have a great holiday season this year as well and have it be our best."

Berman says customers can feel good about shopping on their secure website and reps from the BBB in Lexington say it has what you should be looking for. They say online shoppers need to look for an "S" for "secure" in the URL box. They also say a padlock means "secure" and can often be found in the URL box.

"The BBB does want to remind people to not let the excitement of getting bargains not turn into a nightmare because they didn't do their homework on the front end," Heather Clary of the BBB explained.

Clary says in addition to looking for secure sites, online shoppers ought to use credit cards. She says in case they don't get what they bargained for--they can dispute the charge. She also says folks need to beware of designer-imposters--like handbags or off-brand electronics.

"It's pretty easy for anyone to put up a website and it look slick and professional."

Clary says if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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