Local church members celebrate election of new pope

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LEXINGTON, Ky. - (WKYT) - Wednesday was a day of celebration, excitement and hope for Catholics around the world.

Millions of Catholics watched, listened and read about the new pope who was elected to lead the Roman Catholic Church.

“I think most Catholics were impressed by Pope Benedict and excited for the new pope,” said Father Mark Deves of the Cathedral of Christ the King.

It didn't take long for excitement to spread from the Vatican to Lexington.

“I’m sitting here reading emails and watching the chimney app that I have and all of the sudden I see this billowing white smoke and say we have a pope!" said Father Richard Watson of the Cathedral of Christ the King.

Church leaders at Christ the King immediately organized special masses and a papal procession.

The procession consisted of church members marching side-by-side, holding signs and waving flags to show their support for the pope.

"The cardinals wanted to show the world a sense of unity and show that we are not going to be divided, we are going to elect someone right away to lead us and so they did," Watson said.

During the two special masses, church members honored the pope and prayed that he will bring promise to the church that has been plagued with problems the past few years.

Bishop Gainer will hold a special mass on Thursday morning at 8:00 to pray for the new pope at the Cathedral of Christ the King.

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