Local documentary trailer on deadliest DUI crash pulls at heart strings

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CARROLL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's about to hit the big screens. A documentary right here in Kentucky featuring the nation's deadliest DUI crash is set to premiere on its anniversary date.

"Impact: After the Crash" will reenact the Carroll County bus crash that happened May 14, 1988, killing 27 people.

"Sometimes it takes tragedy and misfortune to open peoples eyes to certain things," said Harold Dennis, one of the only survivors.

Another emotional movie trailer has been released.

"You never get over the loss of someone you love. And the strangest things will bring back memories of that loved one," said a victim's family member in the documentary's trailer.

The trailer is getting people ready if that's even possible for the documentary's premiere on the bus crash's 25th anniversary May 14.

"It's to memorialize those lives that are lost. This is a tribute to them," said Dennis.

"We thought about you yesterday, the days before that too. Your memory is our keepsake in which we will never part," said one man featured in the documentary's newest trailer.

Both survivors and parents of those killed are featured in this nearly two-hour long documentary.

"I would love for people to think that time is the great healer and the pain goes away," said victim's family member in the trailer.

Audiences will get a new look at the nation's deadliest DUI crash in Carroll County, KY, while reliving the final moments of the 27 who died.

The director, Jason Epperson, tells us the documentary will have a private premiere a few days before May 14 near Carrollton. This viewing is closed to family members of victims and survivors of the actual crash.

The public premiere will be May 14, but a location has not yet been booked.

You can click on the link below for more information behind the scenes of this documentary and to see the actual trailer.

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