Reality Check: Local fertilizer companies say they pose no danger

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the fire and explosion at the fertilizer plant in West, TX. According the Associated Press, the plant mixed dry fertilizer and stored anhydrous ammonia in tanks. Closer to home, people working in the fertilizer industry say people have no reason for concern.

"In Central Kentucky and so forth, our soil type does not allow for the use of anhydrous. There is no anhydrous probably east of I-65," said Bob Cleveland, owner of Woodford Feed Company.

They also say that, because most facilities in our area simply mix fertilizer rather than produce it, there's not much risk.

"A fertilizer manufacturing facility is more akin to a chemical manufacturing facility than it is the fertilize facilities that we have here and I don't think from a standpoint of explosions or anything like that, there's any concern at all," said Cleveland.

Cleveland said some people do use ammonium nitrate, which can be combustible, but only under certain circumstances.

"Ammonium nitrate can be explosive, but it has to be made into an explosive. From an explosive standpoint, unless you're trying to actually make it into an explosive, there's very little risk to it," said Cleveland.