Local fundraiser to help family of missing Madison County teen

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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Hundreds of community members gathered together Saturday to help the family of missing Madison County teen, Brookelyn Farthing.

June 22nd, 2013-- that's the last day police say Brookelyn Farthing was seen or heard from; the same day she disappeared following a suspicious house fire in Berea.

Several weeks have passed since that day but there still aren't any answers to the questions of why she disappeared and where she went.

So on Saturday, community members hosted an event to lift the heavy hearts of Farthing’s loved ones

“If it’s my child that’s missing, I would want my community to step up and help out too no matter what it is,” said Stephanie Parke, who organized the event.

On Saturday, a fundraiser for farthing was held at the Hog’s Trough in Richmond from dawn until dusk in order to raise money for Farthing’s family.

“All of the money raised will go to the family for billboards, posters, more shirts. Anything that will help spread the word about her missing and brings the child home,” Parke said.

The fundraiser featured a motorcycle bike ride with 132 participants, a silent auction of donated items along with live music and free food.

Organizers say the event was a massive success because they managed to raise thousands of dollars for the family.

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