Local officer preps for Sandy in Virginia

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Captain Robert Swanigan says he never expected a hurricane when he signed up for an intensive, ten-week training program offered by the FBI. But, he says he and dozens of other police officers from around the world are hunkering down in a Virginia Marine base until the storm passes.

Swanigan told us by phone the winds are whipping up and expected to stregthen to sevnty-miles-per hour or more.

Today, he and other classmates headed out when classes were cancelled to see what kind of punch Sandy packed; he says there's already flooding in low-lying areasand folks are bracing for the worst.

"We were out earlier today before it started hitting," he explained. "A lot of the stores are like a winter storm back home; all the bread, milk are the first things to go."

Swanigan says he and the other officers will deploy to help with the Marines they're staying with if their help is needed.