Local restaurants and bars preparing for Final Four

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Final Four may not be until this weekend, but Lexington restaurants and bars are already gearing up for Saturday's UK game even though it's in Dallas.

Mardi Gras isn't the only time it gets a little crazy around Bourbon n' Toulouse in Lexington. The UK men's basketball team in NCAA tournament play can be just as rowdy.

"Pretty much everybody that works here wears every hat," said Maggie Wolfe-Bertling, an employee at Bourbon n' Toulouse in Lexington. "We love it when it gets crazy. It makes it more exciting for us."

More customers equals more employees and prepping. That's what this week is about leading up to the Final Four.

"We definitely have some extra staff, and everybody is putting in extra hours to make sure that everything is perfect," said Wolfe-Bertling. "We'll get really busy before and after the game. It means a lot of cooking all week, preparing, stocking up, and it's just a really exciting time."

And these Cajun cooks know how to spice things up a bit, having UK fans sport ridiculous player fads, like jorts and unibrows in the past. This Friday is about the Harrison twins. Dressing up like UK twins and actually being biological twins will score you some free food. Biological twins named Aaron and Andrew will hit the jackpot with free Bourbon n' Toulouse for a year.

"Because that'd be pretty cool!" said Wolfe-Bertling. "And if they came in jerseys, that'd be even cooler."

And alligator etouffee will be on Bourbon n' Toulouse's menu if UK meets Florida in the championship game.

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