London Police pull over man for speeding, find $53,000

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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - London Police pull over two men for driving eight miles over the speed limit and end up discovering a false compartment filled with cash.

It was along a busy stretch of I-75 near London where the men were pulled over for what started out as a routine traffic stop.

Sergeant Randy Medlock with London Police only planned on citing them for driving over the speed limit but he quickly became suspicious when the men's stories didn't match up.

“The occupants had conflicting statements about where they'd been so a K-9 unit was brought in to search the exterior of the vehicle,” said Sgt. Travis Hurley with the London Police Department.

But what happened next, “It’s definitely not something you see every day,” was something no one saw coming.

“The officers located what appeared to be an area under the vehicle that was inconsistent with the manufacturing of the vehicle,” Hurley explained.

Built into the undercarriage of the 2006 Jeep Cherokee was a false compartment that included two electronic jacks used to raise and lower the floorboard, according to police.

As for what officers found inside the hidden compartment --- $53,000 in cash.

“Neither of the occupants of the vehicle had any knowledge about the currency.”

Officials say the driver told police that he had borrowed the car and was unaware of the hidden money.

The driver was cited for speeding and released.

Now police are investigating who that money belonged to and exactly what it was being used for.

The money found in the false compartment has been seized by the London Police Department.

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