Lost driver ends up being charged with murder

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) -- On July 25, Tpr. Darren Kinman observed a motorcycle following a Dodge van as they entered the BP gas station parking lot on KY-151 in Franklin County. Trooper Willie Lindon and Trooper Jennifer Johnson were present at the BP also.

The driver of the motorcycle James Francis Griffith of Indiana approached Tpr. Lindon and requested directions. The Troopers noticed the motorcycle had expired tags on it and began investigating. A closer look at the motorcycle turned up several other violations. The social security number given by the Griffith showed an active warrant on file through NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Troopers later determined that Griffith was trying to hide his true identity and had given a false social security number. The numbers given by Griffith belonged to someone else who was wanted.

Police say that Lacy Bradley then exited the white Dodge van and then approached the remaining Troopers. She informed them that she had just bought the motorcycle and that Griffith was riding it home for her. The Troopers continued their investigation and asked Bradley for her identification, registration and insurance. A check on the van showed that the vehicle tag belong on another vehicle and not the Dodge van.

Troopers called for a K-9 unit from the Frankfort Police Department. According to State Police, Lacy gave the troopers two pill containers and a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana. Officers say at that point, Lacy attempted to get back into the van and was given several verbal commands to step away from the vehicle. Police say she then grabbed her purse straps after being told repeatedly to step away from the van. She became aggressive and non-compliant with Tpr. Johnson and was arrested. While Lacy was being put into a cruiser, police say she head butted Tpr. Johnson and kicked Tpr. Kinman. Lacy then was tased.

Police tell 27 Newsfirst that a search of the van turned up more than 100 prescription pills in unlabeled pill bottles, drug paraphernalia, antique coin collection and money. Police also located multiple weapons in the vehicle, including a small hand gun inside of Lacy’s purse.

Further investigation into the weapons found that one of the weapons was entered into NCIC as stolen by the Marion Police Department in Indiana.

The Marion Police Department is currently investigating a homicide of an 81 year old man found deceased inside his residence. The stolen weapon and antique coin collections found in the van by police in Kentucky, belong to the homicide victim in Marion, Indiana.

Detectives of the Marion Police Department have been working with the Kentucky State Police Frankfort Post to recover all evidence involved in their homicide investigation.

James F. Griffith, age 33, originally from Marion Indiana, living in Rockford, Ohio has been charged with Receiving Stolen Property, Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 2nd, and Possession of a handgun by a Convicted Felon, Giving Officer False Name and Address, Tampering with Physical Evidence and (Attempted) Escape 2nd degree.

Lacy D. Bradley, age 21 of Rockford, Ohio has been charged with Assault 3rd Degree on a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, Prescription Controlled Substance not in Proper Container, Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 2nd , Receiving Stolen Property, Drug Paraphernalia, Carrying Concealed Weapon, Improper Display of Registration Plates, Failure to Produce Insurance Card and Possession of Marijuana.

Eddie D. Herring of Huntington, Indiana, who was a passenger in the van, has been charged with Trafficking in a Controlled Substance 2nd and Receiving Stolen Property. As of August 2nd all the accused remain lodged in the Franklin County Detention Center.

On August 2, 2012, at approximately 8:45 PM, Detective from the Marion Police Department executed Indiana Murder warrants on James F. Griffith and Lacy D. Bradley. Their extradition back to Indiana is pending.

Detective Sergeant Del Garcia of the Marion Police Department states “We appreciate the cooperation and assistance by the Kentucky State Police helping us to solve our homicide. You had the accused arrested on Kentucky charges before the homicide was discovered in Marion”.

Captain Chad White KSP Post 12 Frankfort states “These were dangerous individuals and had they not been apprehended they would have commit more crimes and possibly hurt other people”.

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