Lost load of scrap metal causes many flat tires in Owen County

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OWEN COUNTY - It wasn't the Monday morning commute the Moody family expected.

"Got a mile or two down the road and there's about a half a truckload of steel in the road," said Russell Moody.

"Metal just started clinging off the truck I mean, it just was flying everywhere," said Moody's wife, Tracey.

Tracey Moody ended up with two flat tires. State transportation officials say it appeared a truck hauling scrap metal was dropping pieces for miles along US 127 in Owen County.

"Very busy, been here since before seven," said Danny James Harris as he shoveled piles of the scrap metal into the bed of his truck.

"Started a Monday morning off good, didn't they? A lot of metal and a lot of flat tires," he said.

Transportation officials said more than 30 vehicles may have had flat tires after hitting pieces of the metal.

"They were just pulled over for miles," said Tracey Moody.

Deputies with the Owen County Sheriff's Office said they found out where the metal had come from late Monday afternoon. They said the worker had no idea the pieces were falling from the truck and the business had agreed to pay for damages. That's something the Moody family had been counting on.

"Two tires, our time at work, the whole day, and fuel. I'd say its around 500 dollars if not more," said Russell Moody.

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