Lotto experts weigh in on Powerball winnings

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The number of Kentuckians playing the Powerball is steadily growing. Many people bought tickets Wednesday afternoon in the hopes of winning more than half a billion dollars.

"It truly is the luck of the draw. It's the number of people buying tickets versus the luck of the draw," explains Chip Polson with the Kentucky Lottery Corporation. "This time of year has been pretty lucky around Kentucky, so we're hoping to hit another one big this weekend as well."

In years past, Kentuckians have won big in December.

"Lottery players are a very superstitious lot. They try to look for patterns. They look for an edge," says Polson.

Best-selling author and Richmond financial consultant Don McNay recommends not telling anyone if you win the lottery.

"You can still keep it under wraps. You don't have to do the big news conference. The fewer people that know you've won, the better off you are," notes McNay.

He also suggests finding a financial advisor that's invested more than your earnings, and opting for the long-term winnings, not the lump sum.

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