Loud bikes, heavy hearts at memorial for Danville murder victims

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Heavy hearts and loud bikes, that's how Michael and Angela Hockensmith along with Daniel Smith, the victims of Danville's unsolved murder, are being remembered on this Saturday.

"It just shows the confirmation that there are so many folks that care about them and care about their children," said Jason Moore, pastor at Ferguson Baptist Church in Pulaski County.

Moore said he once called Michael his "right hand man," when the couple served at his church, but this day is now about showing love to children they left behind.

"We hope that these kids will grow up and be a product used for good as opposed to going the opposite direction," explained the pastor.

"The support for the family (and) for the children, they're really going to need it," added Tony Hockensmith, Michael's brother.

The sight of so many riders, many of them strangers, is reassuring to the family said Hockensmith. He went on to say that one look at this gathering and he knows his brother and sister-in-law would be overwhelmed.

"They would be overjoyed, they would be in tears."

However this memorial, is a mobile memorial that started in Pulaski County and traveled 70 miles to Danville, where it ended in the store's parking lot that the Hockensmiths co-owned.

"You can't help but have the kids and the family on your mind at an event like this," said rider Joseph Anderson, who like the others felt moved to end the ride where the victims lost their lives. "I don't know, it's a real heart felt place to show up knowing that an event like this happened."

As Moore said, "We will not let their memory just fade away."

Which he said is critical in the wake of this tragic story. The memorial ride also raised money, via donations, for the Hockensmith children. Moore said donations came in from all over, even as far away as Scotland.

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