Louisville Police using lessons from Lexington to prepare for Final Four

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Final Four weekend in Lexington will no doubt be a little more subdued than the past couple of years.

Down the road in Louisville, police are getting ready for whatever happens after Saturday night's game. Police and fire officials in Lexington know what can happen. Last year, some fans in Lexington burned couches and flipped cars. That's why officials in Louisville consulted with their counterparts in Lexington to come up with a plan in case things get a little out of hand. University of Louisville students are confident officials will prevent any rioting.

"I think they got it under control and even if kids overreact, we'll still be fine," says freshman Andrew Hayden.

"It should be a really exciting weekend, so they're taking precautions and making sure that, if something was to happen, that no one's vehicles or any of their personal belongings would get damaged," says sophomore Stephanie Harris.

University of Louisville Police seem to think something sets those Louisville fans apart from the Big Blue Nation.

"Card Nation, I think, is much different than Cat Nation and I really don't expect that to happen here in Louisville," says Major David James.

About 200 Louisville Metro Police officers will help patrol the area around campus on Saturday night.

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