Louisville's Ware released from hospital

Photo credit: University of Louisville Athletics
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INDIANAPOLIS, In. (WKYT/AP) - Its been nearly two full days since the break millions around the country saw on their televisions.
Horrific images of Louisville sophomore guard Kevin Ware writhing in pain near his teams bench will likely stay with many for some time.

But remaining in high spirits, #5 continues to make progress after his surgery, seen smiling in several images, even standing up on crutches.

Since Sunday, a flood of support has come in for Ware.
On Twitter, the likes of Governor Steve Beshear, Rajon Rondo, even Bill Cosby have reached out to him.
Wares mother recently spoke to news outlets about her interaction with her son since.

"A relief just hearing his voice him telling me mom I'm going to need you to calm down. He didn't say hello, he didn't say anything, all he said was I need you to calm down. And he kept saying that. And him saying that it made me do that," said Lisa Junior.

Arguably most mothers would have a hard time, especially after just watching the images on national TV.

"He knew that I would be devastated about what happened and not being able to help him in any way. But he was ok, and him being ok helped me be ok," Junior added.

Ware is making the trip back to Louisville Tuesday.

Ware tweeted, "Back to my brothers I go," along with a picture of him on crutches as he prepared to leave the hospital.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino says Ware would travel with the team to Atlanta, but it wasn't known if he will be cleared to fly.

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