Love of speed pushes man to collect Mustang Cobras

PADUCAH, Ky. (AP) - Randy Thomas never could help but go fast in his blue 1966 Ford Mustang, but he knew the outcome as a teenager.

Too many traffic violations for speeding and street racing and he'd be forced to park the speed machine and ride his bike to school. The fact that his step dad, Billy Wilkins, was a major with the Paducah Police Department made matters so much worse.

In the spring of 1983, Thomas collected 23 traffic violations which prompted a lifestyle change. Thomas worked his circumstances and changed the Mustang to a bona fide drag racing car.

Now 48, Thomas' need for speed and competition is controlled through his collection of four gleaming Ford Shelby Cobra GT500s which he houses in a garage he calls "The Snake Pit."

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