Lower temperatures, higher heating bills

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We'll all be feeling the chill of this arctic blast even after warmer air moves in. Electric and gas companies are alerting customers to prepare for much higher bills in the coming weeks.

By now, this temperature doesn't shock you. But your electricity bills might give you some sticker shock. Utilities companies want to prepare you for 'really high' bills.

It's all because your furnaces are working extra hard to get remotely close to the temperature you set that thermostat on. But increasing the temperature in your home only means you're decreasing what's in your wallet.

For some, that's already happening as they opened their bills this week. But for others, the wind chill will affect their bill next month.

"It comes in spells of whenever you receive your bill," said Cliff Feltham, the spokesperson for Kentucky Utilities in Lexington.

There are ways to ease the pain with Kentucky Utilities if you can't afford your bill. Just give them a call.

"We can work out an arrangement and/or refer them to some of the agencies that provide heating assistance money," said Feltham.

The facts are it's colder this winter than the last. On January 28, 2013 the high was 54, but this January 28 the high was only 10 degrees.

"This cold spell in January is about 17% colder than a normal January should be," said Feltham. "And it's about 24% colder than what we experienced last January."

It being that much colder will cost you. According to Kentucky Utilities, the impacts are even worse than running your air conditioner during an unusually hot summer.

As for Columbia Gas, officials there say their bills haven't been sent yet. But they do know already consumption is up compared to last January, meaning customers can expect higher bills.

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