"Lucky" dog rescued from burning home

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Lexington woman spent the day sifting through the rubble that used to be her home after fire destroyed it.

While she lost a lot of her material items, something that could have never been replaced was saved thanks to the work of some Lexington firefighters.

Fire swept through parts of Danielle Randolph's home on East High Street Tuesday.

Smoke and water damage ruined a lot of her possessions.

When we met with Randolph after the fire she showed us where a cage used to be in her living room floor.

That particular cage is home to someone very special.

"Lucky is like my sidekick, he's my home dog, he is my role dog, he's my brother, my best friend," said Randolph.

Randolph wasn't home to save her precious 3 year old Shih Tzu dog named Lucky when fire broke out.

When firefighters found him he was passed out from the smoke, but thanks to an emergency kit especially designed for animals firefighters were able to revive him.

And that is something Randolph is truly thankful for.

"To have them revive him so quickly and to not have any burns or scratches or anything on him it was a blessing."

Lucky spent Wednesday recovering at Banfield Pet Hospital inside Petsmart at Hamburg.

"After seeing him alive and seeing that he is okay it was overwhelming."

It was not as overwhelming though as when she finally got to see her beloved sidekick, a dog who has truly lived up to his name of being lucky!

Randolph says the Red Cross is helping her with a place to stay right now.

When doing this story WKYT learned that you can get stickers to put on your doors or windows that will alert firefighters that you have a pet in your home, should they ever have to be there.

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