Lulu the giraffe, born at Cincinnati Zoo, turns 1

Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI (AP) - Cincinnati's newest giraffe is celebrating her first birthday on Saturday.

Lulu was born on Oct. 12 last year with an audience on social media closely following regular updates.

Ever since, she's been a big draw at the zoo.

Lulu, which is Swahili for "precious," was named in a public contest that saw more than 5,000 submissions

Lulu began the birthday celebrations early by enjoying a cake with her parents, Tessa and Kimba.

The cake was made of frozen gelatin, pureed produce, bamboo stalks and other vegetation.

Lulu is the second giraffe born at the zoo in more than 25 years. The first, Zuri, was euthanized last year when it was 3 months old after suffering a debilitating leg injury.

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