Mother responds to child endangerment charges

3 year old Kaylee is safe and sound…but police say what happened Sunday morning…could have easily turned tragic.

“But a whole half-mile? Scary. Anything could have happened,” said Gilbert Acciardo with the Laurel County Sheriff’s Office of the distance he says the child was found away from her home.

Police say the toddler got out her house while her mother, Lillian “Bridgett” Jordan, was inside asleep. Kaylee was found on a nearby street by some passing drivers and taken to a store where police were called. Deputies determined Kaylee was Jordan’s daughter, who’s now facing child endangerment charges.

“But you know I think this could have happened to anyone. Their kid..getting loose and walking next door because they want to play,” said Jordan Monday after she was released from jail.

Jordan believes here daughter was trying to get to her mother’s house and simply wandered across the street.

She says that her daughter has done this kind of thing before, despite taking a lot of precautions inside to try to prevent it. She says she’s had to keep putting indoor locks higher and higher on the door inside her home. Still the toddler gets out. And this time, she spent a night in jail for it.

“I went to court today…they told me I have to get a lawyer to prove my innocence,” she said.

“This is a crime because an adult is responsible and she did not live up to her responsibility,” said Acciardo.

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