MUCH cooler air sinks into the Bluegrass state!

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What a wet weekend we had for most of us! Central and western zones, for the most part, picked up 1"-2" of rain with a few locations around the 3" mark. Eastern zones stayed in the .25"-1". Either way many of us received a nice soaking on the yards. We look to push that out of the way today, but we will be left with a mixture of sun and clouds for most of the day. Highs this afternoon will be a cool lower to mid 60s!

A string of nice and cool days are ahead with 60s through Wednesday. Now on Wednesday we could see a slight chance of rain in the forecast. Not a major issue, but that is really the only bump in the road I see for the next several days.

Heading into the weekend we are looking good for any events, games, Keeneland, etc. Highs will be in the 70s with plenty of sunshine.

Meteorologist Micah Harris

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