Madison Co. deputies ditch cruisers due to snow

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - The snow caused problems in Richmond, where people got stranded along I-75 and drivers needed help getting past snow drifts. The wintry weather was bad enough to prompt the Madison County Sheriff's Office to come up with a new plan to deal with it. The heavy snow made driving tricky and the deputies' Chargers couldn't handle conditions in many of the places they needed to go. A few deputies used Hummers to get around. The Hummers came from the Department of Defense. Another deputy chose to drive his own four-wheel drive pickup.

"Basically this morning it was all hands on deck," says Deputy Willard Reardon. "One of our deputies, his cruiser was not operating well on the snow, so he took it upon himself to get in his own four-wheel drive vehicle and answer calls that way. Sometimes you have to do with what you've got to work with."

Deputies helped rescue stranded drivers and transport essential personnel, such as medical staff and city workers.

Deputy Reardon says the number of drivers in need of help was noticeably less than in previous storms. He believes people paid attention to the warnings and just stayed home.

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