Madison Co. homeowner cleaning up after weekend storms

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - A lot of families across Central Kentucky are picking up after weekend storms left damage behind.

In Madison County, there were several reports of trees down, including one that hit a truck and nearly hit a home.

"There was a massive sound of thunder that I'm assuming was precipitated by a huge lightning bolt," explained homeowner Hisham Masry, "apparently it ricocheted off and broke so as it hit this side of the bed where it's completely destroyed it, then it broke in a million pieces over here. Several pieces over here."

Masry says Sunday afternoon, when the storms rolled through Madison County, he and his wife didn't at first realize part of their property had landed on their truck. Branches the size of a small tree fell from one that Masry thinks is at least a hundred years old. His truck, that sits just a few feet away from his home, was damaged.

"If it was the right side, it would have crushed that house. These are big old, aging, beautiful trees," he said.

Also in Madison County, Berea Police responded to a call over the weekend of a woman trapped inside her car. They say a tree fell on the vehicle during the storms. We're told she is okay.

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